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Can hydrogen cure alcohol?

Source : QingsiyuEditor : QingmaiView : 53Time : 2020-07-27 14:24
Household Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
Many people tell me that drinking hydrogen water is good for alcohol.
There are three kinds of ways to deal with alcoholism. First, the amount of alcohol increased. You could have drunk half a kilogram of hydrogen water at the same time. Second, drink hydrogen water to sober up quickly. Third, it is not easy to have a hangover.
From the academic point of view, there is no direct evidence of hydrogen or hydrogen water in the treatment of alcoholism, only some relevant evidence supports the possible role of hydrogen.
How can it be regarded as direct evidence? It's hard for many people to drink more alcohol. It's not evidence. It's certainly evidence. But this kind of evidence is too low-level and not reliable. This is similar to the case of clinical disease treatment. The drinking situation is more complex, at least with a clear characterization. Drinking is a very variable phenomenon, the same person, sometimes a large amount of alcohol, sometimes a small amount of alcohol. Those who are in a bad mood are easy to get drunk, while those in a good mood are not easy to get drunk. As the saying goes, when wine meets a confidant, a thousand cups are few, and if one is not drunk, everyone will be drunk, which is the truth. Alcohol itself can affect people's mood, alcohol also has a great placebo effect.
Strictly speaking, there is not only no evidence from human studies, but also from animal experiments. Of course, there is not strict evidence, such as hydrogen or hydrogen water induced liver damage, but this kind of damage is close to the situation of alcoholism, not completely equivalent to anti alcoholism. Of course, if hydrogen can resist alcohol toxicity, it also suggests that hydrogen has an anti alcohol effect. Less relevant evidence includes the protective effect of hydrogen and hydrogen water on liver injury caused by many liver toxic substances. In 2001, French scholars found that high-pressure hydrogen could protect liver from schistosomiasis. In 2008, Japanese scholars found that hydrogen inhalation can protect against liver ischemia-reperfusion injury. In 2009, Harvard University scholars found that hydrogen water has a protective effect on hepatitis. In 2010, my colleagues found that hydrogen water has a protective effect on liver injury caused by carbon tetrachloride and other substances, and has a protective effect on liver inflammation caused by endotoxin. Later studies have found that hydrogen cholestasis and radiation-induced liver injury have antagonistic effects. Our study also found that hydrogen water can alleviate oxidative stress in patients with chronic hepatitis B. Korean scholars also found that hydrogen water can improve the quality of life of patients with liver cancer after radiotherapy. In a word, the research on liver injury is very rich, which shows that hydrogen has protective effect on various types of liver injury. Of course, these studies can show that hydrogen is very likely to have an anti alcohol effect, but strictly speaking, it can't.
How to prove that hydrogen can relieve alcoholism requires a group of volunteers to be randomly divided into two groups: one group drank hydrogen water or inhaled hydrogen, and the other group did not use hydrogen. The blind method was mainly used to prevent the subjects and researchers from knowing whether to use hydrogen or not, drinking the same amount in the same way, and then measuring their reaction. If there is a statistical difference between the two groups, hydrogen is not easy to get drunk, it can be proved to be able to relieve alcohol. Of course, hydrogen can also be used when everyone is drunk and drunk to observe the recovery of drunkenness.
However, there are few studies on anti alcoholism, because it is almost a pseudo proposition. The fundamental solution to the problem of drunkenness is to drink less and not to drink, so there is no need to look for trouble to make a fuss.
Although there is no specific study, we can still speculate that the method is better. I'll talk about how to use it best. If it is aimed at the liver anti alcohol effect, such as accelerating the liver metabolism of alcohol and reducing the toxicity of alcohol to the liver, it may be better to drink hydrogen water and take capsules that release hydrogen, because hydrogen absorbed through the digestive tract can produce a higher concentration in the liver. If it is for the brain anesthesia, that is to make the drunk wake up faster, the effect of hydrogen inhalation may be better, but the concentration of inhalation should be high, and the inhalation time should be more than 30 minutes. Of course, the specific use can be combined with several methods, drinking hydrogen water + absorbing hydrogen.
In short, in the face of health, it is better to stop drinking than to stop drinking. Put down the wine cup and pick up hydrogen water.
Household hydrogen inhalation machine,Hydrogen-rich water dispenser,Hydrogen-rich water cup